In today’s world of globalization the need for computer science is inevitable. Computer science deals with the theoretical foundations of information and computation. Computer science department has a skilled faculty where complicated computing methods are simplified and explained in a manner which can be easily comprehended by the students.

  • High Configured Labs:
  • Our computer department is equipped with high configured labs having computers with good network. Lab coordinators are always active assisting the students in their projects.

  • Projector:
  • We have a spacious projector room, where various presentations will be conducted. Here the students have the opportunity to explore their innovative side


    Laboratory is equipped with the latest requisite apparatus and advanced measuring instruments to conduct experiments. Five set of apparatus have been provided for each experiments


    We have three Chemistry Labs, Laboratories are fully equipped with balances, electrical water baths, centrifuge machines, conductometers, teaching aids etc.


    This has two labs with 25 oil immersion microscopes, calorimeters, Autoclave machine, refrigerator, over etc., and has all the facilities to work safely on new bacterial systems.


    The Lab has advanced kits required for Bio chemistry tests basides the other equirements. Electron Microscope, PH Meter, Centrifuge tubes, Water baths, Dhona weight balance, Incubators, Micro Pipettes (O.1 ml), Hot Air Oven, Page Electrophoresis Chambers, Chromatography Chambers, Colorimeters, Homogenizers, UV Lamps, Spirit Lamps.


    This has two labs with sufficient number of oil immersion Microscopes, autoclave, laminar airflow, incubator, PH Meters, conductometers, electrical single pan balance   and other equipments to conduct B.Sc. Bio Technology practicals perfectly. The Labs are provided with all advanced equipment’s and explanatory visual products such as charts and transparencies. The lab is spacious to conduct workshops, seminars and demonstrations of new experiments periodically.


    Commerce lab is clear picture of kind of companies the methods adopted by Companies to secure capital a detailed view of practices adopted by companies and the various accounting policies which will be useful for the students while attending interviews.


    The English lab is provided with advanced computer systems, earphones and multimedia kit. It is very useful in improving the communication skills of the students.


    Our college provides L.C.D. Projector & Audio-Visual aids excel the teaching methodology to impart good education to all types of students in subjects like computer programming languages, English languages, Data bases & Video Classes in all subjects.


    The library has a rich collection of books and periodicals, including latest publications in Computer Science and other subjects. The current stock of more than 10,000 books includes both Foreign and Indian publications, Journals on Computer Education and Bio Sciences.


    By seminar hall students can have an opportunity to attend seminar and gain all its benefits including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, co-coordinating and respecting their views/ thoughts getting motivated and building confidence

    A student presenting in a seminar is very important to express his/her ideas clearly and support with examples.

    Seminar hall is a gateway of excelling one’s interpersonal skills. It’s a platform where great minds get together to bring the great Ideas.

    A seminar hall has a key to break the stage fear, build confidence among children, and bring in the best of the best of the best among students.

    By speaking in seminar hall student try to convince and impress the audience with their thought which in turn develops convincing skills and make the stand first in the crowd.