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Course Overview

M.Com stands for Master of Commerce. It is a two-year postgraduate degree in commerce that is offered by universities and colleges all over the world.

The M.Com degree program is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge of accounting, finance, economics, and other business-related subjects.

The curriculum typically includes courses on:

● Auditing
● Business Law
● Economics
● Finance
● Marketing
● Management
● Taxation

In addition to core courses, students may also choose to specialize in a particular area of business, such as:
● Accounting
● Finance
● Marketing
● Human Resources
● Management

The M.Com degree program is a challenging but rewarding program. Students who successfully complete the program will be well-prepared for a career in business.

Here are some of the benefits of pursuing an M.Com degree:

● Advanced knowledge of business-related subjects
● Increased job opportunities
● Higher salary potential
● Credibility and recognition

Study Options:

QualificationLengthCollege Code
M.Com.2 years full time11250

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