The college gives considerable importance to extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, since these would provide a platform for the students to realize their innate potential and also bring out the leadership qualities in them. As more and more organization offering jobs today are preferring students with all round development instead o mere academic excellence, Vivekanada encourages its students to conceive plan, organize and keenly participate in various programs as outlined below.

  1. Every Saturday afternoon one or more activities such as quiz, debate, elocution, painting, rangoli, mimicry, antakshiri, vocal and instrumental music are organized among staff and students. The principal takes personal care to ensure that everyone takes part in these activities seriously and with active involvement.
  2. Lectures from eminent professors and other universities, seminars and group discussions, are also organized on a regular basis.
  3. Self government day is also organized as a regular feature of the college. Students are assigned topics well in advance and are require to play the role of their teachers on a serious note.
  4. Students also celebrate “Gurupujothsavam” on a regular basis every year, where eminent teachers are felicitated.
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