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About Our College

Vivekananda Degree & PG College

Vivekananda Degree College has carved a niche for itself over a period of two decades. Our relentless effort in imparting quality education through participatory teaching methodologies and pedagogical tools helped in chiseling personality of students.

One among the top fifty colleges in our State, Vivekananda Degree College has wide reputation for its quality of learning and a holistic approach towards grooming the students.

Secretary & Correspondent

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Director Madam’s Message

Smt. Lavanya Naresh, (Director), always articulate that our present Education System isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches Young People how to make a Living but doesn’s teach them how to make a Life… System is increasingly embracing a Black-and-White way of thinking, in which Learning and Play are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED. So, the true purpose of Education is to make Minds, not Careers… President VIVEKANANDA DEGREE COLLEGE threw in the Powerful Weapons which are used to change the world.

“Making A student Is Making A Society Implies World”

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