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About Vivekananda Degree College


About Vivekananda Degree College

Vivekananda Degree College was established in 2005 to promote quality, modern and technical education atteuned to the needs of changing times under the esteemed management of the Noble Group of Modern Institutions. The college strives to provide opportunities to students to realize their potential in curricular and extra curricular activities and actualize their aspirations in life. Our college is named after a great ascetic Swamy Vivekananda, who rocked entire world with his austerity and ever inspiring sayings which still echo in the deep corners of the hearts of the people.

Swami Vivekananda, our Inspiration, was a great visionary and pioneer who left his footprints in the fields of education, social reform,communication, culture and religious formation, we follow him sincerely.

Vivekananda Degree College is well known for its academic excellence and overall development of the students by conducting various activities at college.

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